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Taiwan's serious problems Edit

The judicial system Edit

Before the trial of the first lady, I considered Taiwan Press to be one of the most serious problems. Now, I understand the Taiwan judicial system to be even worse.

Consider what would happen to these judges and prosecutors if this were to happen in the United States:

2006-12-15: The presiding judge asked the first lady "do you admit your guilt? " Edit

對該案的嚴重違憲質疑,雖然很多法界人士、憲法學家都認為應由大法官釋憲解除,但根本沒有釋憲權力的地院法官竟輕率口頭判斷該案無違憲之虞 Edit

張熙懷請假後,他的繼任者林達在法庭說張熙懷病倒了,但真正生病的人,是惡意中傷他的人,而且病得不輕。這些情緒性的講話,哪裡是司法人員的語言 Edit

How far can these judges do and say before Taiwanese come out and say: enough is enough!

How do we judge Taiwan's judicial system? The image of a judicial system is that of a balanced scale, symbolizing equality and fairness before the law of the land. On the basis of the recent trial of the First lady, I challenge any Taiwanese to tell me that Taiwan judicial system is fair and just.

The media Edit

News media is one of Taiwan's worst problems. Most do not report news, but feel free to fabricate news as they like. Few Taiwanese care enough to speak against such practice. So far, it seems to be beyond law. It needs not be accountable for what it does. It does not get punished for fabricating news or feeding public unbalanced reports.

Why has Taiwan's judicial system taken no action to clean up press? Edit

Is it because the judicial system is not really independent, and is actually sympathetic to Pan-blue's agenda? Will someone who has legal training help out here?

2006-12-10: Pan blue papers predicted KMT to win by 12 to 20% in Kaohsiung mayoral race; then how come KMT lost? Edit

Days before the election day on 2006-12-09, pan blue papers' polls showed that KMT's candidate 黃俊英 would defeat DDP's 陳菊 by as much as 20%. How do they reconcile with the fact 黃俊英 actually lost to 陳菊, albeit by less than 1%? Why would anyone still read such papers? Please also read Dr. Jerome Keating's observations.

People Edit

Two oberservations for now:

  • The most popular paper in Taiwan is the tabloid Apple Daily. It is not just more popular than any other papers; it is many times more popular than other papers put together. To understand what this means, imagine that in United States of America, the most popular reading is National Inquirer; imagine further that it sells more than Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Pos put together.
  • Taipei is the most culturalled city in Taiwan. You might think that its residents are the most educated and sophisticated. But, Taipei citizens have consistently show with their votes that they support hypocractic politicians and press.

Openly unethical, openly hyprocratic Edit

How KMT deals with its ill-gotten assets Edit

2006-11-08: How will history say about KMT? Edit

An excerpt follows:

Since the DPP took office in May 2000, the pan-KMT camp has reneged on a promise given by former KMT chairman Lien Chan to return these assets to the state. Instead, the KMT and its allied People First Party adopted a delaying strategy by boycotting a draft statute on the handling of party assets "improperly acquired" during the authoritarian period 102 times over four years before the bill was finally referred to proper legislative review earlier this month.

After the KMT's hopes of regaining power in March 2004 were shattered by Chen's re-election by a narrow majority, new KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou shifted to a strategy of selling off its assets to evade any possible action by the DPP government to repossess these assets for the people.


Given the perpetual boycott by the KMT of the party assets statute and other "sunshine" political reform bills, the DPP has launched a campaign together with an alliance of over 1,000 civic groups for a national referendum to allow the people to directly decide whether they want to compel the Legislative Yuan to approve a statute to set up an impartial commission to investigate and handle the KMT party-assets issue.

After collecting over 90,000 signatures for the first stage petition required under the restrictive November 2003 Referendum Law, the DPP submitted its petition and supporting signatures to the Central Election Commission on October 4 for verification and for the law's required review by a "Referendum Review Committee" set up under the CEC and composed of 21 members recommended by Taiwan's political parties based on their share of legislative seats.

Given the KMT's behavior in the Legislative Yuan over the past six years, it is hardly surprising that the "Referendum Review Committee" majority of pan-KMT members, including several KMT party officials, have adopted the same tactic of boycott to block the exercise of direct democracy.

Although the Referendum Law clearly states that the review committee has 30 days to submit its decision whether to verify the validity of a referendum topic after submission of an initiative petition to the committee, KMT delegates used their majority control to arbitrarily change the date from the receipt of the petition by the CEC to the date of the RRC's own first meeting on October 25 and also declared that the 30-day limit was a guideline not a legal deadline.

Although the DPP-sponsored petition clearly meets the requirements that an initiative be national and aimed at "setting a legislative principle," the review committee has refused to promptly carry out its procedural responsibility and instead overstepped its mandate last Thursday by declaring an intention to hold public hearings on the topic before a scheduled vote on November 24.

Even more revealing was the reaction by KMT recommended delegates to DPP proposals that several RRC members who are direct employees of the former ruling party absent themselves from the vote due to an obvious conflict of interest.

Instead of debating the issue rationally, KMT Organization Affairs Commission Director and former legislator Liao Feng-teh slammed his fist on the table in the Executive Yuan meeting room and shouted that such a suggestion was "absurd," according to local media reports.

The KMT's arrogant actions show that it has no sincerity to correct its history of institutional corruption and will continue to stall in the hope that a return to power will allow it to evade liquidation of its ill-gotten party assets.

2007-01-25: How will history say about KMT II? Edit

The petition is useful in rallying people against KMT's openly unethical and openly hyprocratic conducts.

Double standards? Edit

Mayor Ma and his supporters

2006-12-10: Taipei major-elect 郝龍斌 said: …我的勝選,證明了國民黨的清廉,戰勝了民進黨的貪污… Edit

I just want the whole world to know that 郝龍斌 is capable of saying 國民黨清廉.

2007-01-19: The KMT displayed its priorities on the last day of the legislative session by a last minute revamping of the agenda that gave top listing to its version of a draft Central Election Commission organic law and listed the NT$1.6 trillion central government budget 28th... Edit

Why this obssession over even the central government budget? Can you imagine such a legislature if DDP had had a majority in the legislative seats?

The KMT's version would effectively transfer the power to appoint the CEC from the president to the legislative majority or, in other words, into the hands of the KMT and its conservative allies.

Ger Yeong-kuang (葛永光), professor of political science at National Taiwan University, condemned DPP lawmakers for failing to obey the rules of a democracy.

"There is no way in a democracy that people should come to blows over disagreements. [What happened on the floor on Friday] was a joke. It's hard to believe that some DPP lawmakers even secured the chamber's doors to keep the speaker off the floor," Ger said.

What did Professor 葛永光 think of KMT's proposal?

2007-01-23: China Post says "Taiwan used to be known for its economic prosperity. Nowadays it is the violence in its Legislature that makes the island globally well-known. Edit

Can you guess that China Post is actually a Taiwan-based Paper? This editorial did not tell you how KMT placed its version of a draft Central Election Commission organic law on the top of the agenda and listed the NT$1.6 trillion central government budget on the 28th. Nor did it tell you that the only reason for KMT's proposal is that it has a majority in the lagislative seats.

It is fitting to quote Dr. Jerome Keating: It is time for the public to ask: "Is this Taiwan media simple-minded or a whore?"

2007-02-13: KMT Secretary-General Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) Edit

After Ma Ying-jeou was indicted on corruption charges, resigned as KMT chairman and declared his candidacy for Presidency, KMT Secretary-General Wu Den-yih (吳敦義) said: "Political parties formulate their regulations with election performance in mind. It's our obligation to present a candidate who has the best chance of winning. No party would hamstring itself for the sake of its regulations,"

This is such a bold statement about KMT'S view of Logic and Ethics from a spokeman of KMT, 吳敦義!

2007-02-14: Bloomberg's James Peng says Ma Wins Support After Indictment Edit

Here are some highlights:

The former Taipei mayor's support rose to 62 percent of 913 citizens surveyed last night, from 52 percent in a Nov. 18 poll, according to the Taipei-based United Daily News.

Last night's United Daily News poll asked respondents how they would vote in two projected races. In a contest between Ma and Premier Su Tseng-chang, the probable presidential candidate for the DPP, Ma got 59 percent of votes compared with Su's 21 percent. In a race against former premier Frank Hsieh, 61 percent of respondents said they'd vote for Ma, and 20 percent for Hsieh.

Extreme indifference, tolerance and even support of hypocrisy Edit

Taiwanese seem to be EXTREMELY tolerant or even supportive of hypocrisy. In other words, they tolerate or support hypocricy when you think they could not possibly. Suffice to read by Dr. Jerome Keating.

2006-11-01: Pan blue is weakening Taiwan on purpose and displaying shameless hypocrisy along the way Edit

Pan-blue legislators blocked the arms budget bill for the 62nd time on October 31, 2006, since 2004. Whatever their motivation, they have weakened Taiwan's resolve and ability to face up to China's constant bullying. Who is ultimately responsible for these people's behavior? Taiwanese voters, of course! You used to have the power to put them where they are now. I hope you have the power and wisdom to kick them out.

"We don't oppose arms procurement as long as it is reasonable, but we will not pass the bill because of [Steve Young's] threats and intimidation," Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Lin Te-fu (林德福) said. Explain to the world why the bill had been blocked 61 times before Steve Young's threat.

2006-11-15: Pan blue is making Taiwan defenseless and law-less (A follow-up) Edit

See [Taipei Times]

An excerpt:

Pan-blue lawmakers yesterday again boycotted a NT$6.27 billion (US$191.2 million) supplemental budget for purchasing three weapons systems from the US in the Procedure Committee.

A motion to block the supplemental budget, together with other long-stalled bills, was proposed by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and backed by the People First Party (PFP). ...

Other long-stalled proposals, including President Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) nominations for the nation's top prosecutor's post and Control Yuan members, were blocked as well. ...

The delay in approving the president's nominees for the Control Yuan has rendered the public watchdog over the four other branches of government idle since the term of the last members expired in January last year.

Kind to enemies; mean to comrades Edit

Taiwanese love their enemies. Chinese threaten to attack them with missles. They isolate Taiwanese in internaltional arena. They even prevented Taiwan from getting international help during the SARS epdemics. Yet, in the names of business and leisure travel, Taiwanese travel to China in droves. They invest in China heavily and transfer technologies to it.

The news media is one of the worst problems in Taiwan. People read the news and watch TV. They do not complain.

The core of the problem can be attributed to the China-centric education and culture that permeates the Taiwan society even today. The Chinese colonizers, who came with the dictator Chiang-Kai Shek to Taiwan after the world war II, perpetuate a systematic policy of colonial education that's tantamount to brain-washing. It includes, first of all, the forced adoption of Mandarin as the national language and the indoctrination that anything that is Chinese is superior to that of the native Taiwanese, China's 5000 years of glorious history and culture being among them. Embedded in this cultural intoxication is a value system that derides the ethnic or native culture as being inferior and unsophysticated, thereby inducing the colonized victims to forsake their own and yearn for anything that is "Chinese." I call this phenomenon, which is commonly observed in practically all previously colonized territories around the world, the "Colonization Syndrome." This Syndrome is particularly more serious and prevalent in Taiwan that has undergone colonization first by the Japanese and then by the Chinese over the last 100 years, or roughly the last five generations.

This explains the Taiwanese victims' love for things that are Chinese. It also explains why so many brain-washed Taiwanese natives indulge themselves in reading newspapers or watch TV's that are owned by the Chinese and willingly accept the views and thoughts expressed by the Chinese in these media; why the natives cannot think rationally and clearly because vagueness and opaqueness are regarded as the virtue of Chinese language; and, more importantly, why the natives are very tolerant for and even feel sympathetic to any wrongdoings (such as the pilfer of a huge amount of national assets) committed by their former colonizers even today.

2006-11-05: Friend or foe? Edit

Please read The main entry is a report about 李登輝 on the indictment of the first family. Ostensibly, it emphasizes the importance of a heightened sense of morality. But what comes through is an attack on 陳水扁. For example, ..自遠於法律..且用最低道德標準。 in the title. Yes, the first lady has been indicted, but this does not mean that 陳水扁 has been convicted. Overall, the postings appear to be an orchestration of an attack. Read these titles: 戳破謊言後 只問認不認罪 and 觀看扁報告 陳瑞仁難掩失望. The last two postings came from 聯合報, which is well-known for fabricating news and feeding people unbalanced report. I would suggest that we fight our enemies who are brainwashing our people and weakening our resolve and ability to defend ourselves, rather than fighting our less-than-perfect comrades.

2006-11-09: Friend or foe? An open letter from Nobel laureate Lee Yuan-tseh Edit

It would be great if Dr. Lee can write another open letter to ask China not to bully Taiwan all the time, to ask pan blue not to be so openly hypocratic, and KMT to return its ill-gotten assets.

Prevalent use of pen-names Edit

Most of the people in Taiwan use pen-names to express their thoughts online. I think this is highly unusual. I expect people to be proud of what they say, so they would want to use their real names, like I do. When they use pen-names, I suspect they feel insecure. Maybe they are afraid that white terror, or worse, will come back. I hope this will change quickly.

China's constant bullying Edit

2006-11-09: China says Taiwan's door to WHO still shut Edit

2006-11-10: More than 900 missiles aimed at Taiwan Edit

2006-11-16: Taiwan's Ma suffers surprise setbacks in presidential bid Edit

According to this report,

That will be bad news in Beijing, which far prefers Ma's support 
for Taiwan's eventual unification with the mainland

Ma should be Taiwan's public enemy number one -- for he is China's (Taiwan's enemy's) favorite.

China and Taiwan split amid civil war in 1949, and communistBeijing insists 
the island of 23 million people must return to the Chinese fold — 
by persuasion if possible, and by force if necessary. 
China has repeatedly threatened war if self-governing, 
democratic Taiwan moves toward formal independence.

This gives an impression that China and Taiwan was united before 1949, which is totallly false! How can The Associated Press be so ill-informed?

2007-01-13: President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) was forced to delay his return from Los Angeles on Thursday after Mexico prohibited his plane from entering its airspace because of pressure exerted by China Edit

Meanwhile, in Taipei, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) questioned the value of the president's trip, suggesting that the real purpose of the trip was to make gains in domestic politics.

"Diplomatic issues should be solved by seeking real solutions, instead of making breakthroughs on technical issues such as making transits," Ma said at the KMT headquarters.

How can Ma or any Taiwanese be critical of Chen but silent about China's outrageous act?

Things to do Edit

community building Edit

Let us build a community. Let us build it for our children, our clear conscience and Taiwan's future. Put Taiwan's greater good ahead of your own ego and your urge to fight and disgrace your less-than-perfect comrades. If you feel like fighting, fight our real enemies, instead of our comrades.

Step out of your small circle. Stop chit-chatting. Make good things happen. Edit

If you have a good idea, share it with the public. Even if you are not sure your idea is any good, share it anyway. Stop chit-chatting. It does not do you or Taiwan any good. Make good things happen and have clear conscience.

The indictment of the first family Edit

Let us put this event in positive light. All wrong-doings must be punished. Among these are the pilfering of the government assets by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT); the outrageous fabrication of news and unbalanced reports by the news media, etc.

I hope others will expand on this short note, which I end with two questions. Is it true that The Justice department is controlled by the pan-blue? Is the timing of the indictment politcally motivated?

2006-11-09: 國務機要費案起訴違憲 Edit

An excerpt:



1. Is the question about 違憲 valid?
2. If so, shouldn't 司法院 take action?
3. Did 翁岳生 or 范光群 do or say anything about Media's trial?




2006-11-07: 台灣獨立建國聯盟美國本部的聲明 Edit


台灣獨立建國聯盟美國本部的聲明 二○○六年十一月七日

全國囑目的國務機要費偵查120天後,以起訴第一夫人及總統相關行政人員作結。 我們秉持一貫相信民主尊重司法的態度, 呼籲所有台灣人民靜待司法審判釐清真相。 在司法尚未定愝之前,我們不應揣測當事人有罪與否。在此謹提出一些事証供台灣人民參考。

陳水扁總統一上任即自動將薪水減半. 從李登輝總統時代的八十四萬月薪減為四十二萬. 兩任期共可替國庫節省約四仟四佰萬元。相較於陳瑞仁檢察官指控所謂的“貪污一仟四佰萬八仟四百零八元”, 從金額的角度來講完全無法相比。 從陳總統的行事風格來論更是不合邏輯。

再來由兩蔣時代延續到前李登輝總統所使用的國安秘帳“奉天”和“當陽”兩專案內含數億金額。 多少人從中黑箱作業。 因此陳總統決定關閉兩專案並將所有數億款項回繳國庫。 由此可以再次証明陳總統和夫人是否為檢察官所謂的“貪汙共犯結構”。 如果陳總統真的是位貪腐總統, 何不去盡情使用國安秘帳, 延續國民黨時代的總統所立下的陋規? 更無需煩勞夫人收集發票, 讓親中的泛藍打手抓把柄, 扯後腿。

我們相信大多數的國人都秉持相信民主精神, 尊重司法制度。 按照這個先決條件, 司法應該是中立,無色的. 吊詭的事情是陳瑞仁一直強調自己是“深綠” 讓人的感覺真是“此地無銀三百兩” 。 台灣人民須要的是一位立場超然沒有顏色只有專業的檢察官。 今天陳瑞仁有如此嚴重的〝假綠〞傾向, 以致全篇起訴書充滿了許多用詞不公, 未審先判的令人無法信服的字眼。


2006-11-09: 北美洲台灣人教授協會 的聲明 Edit

針對台灣國務機要費第一夫人吳淑珍女士被起訴案, 北美洲台灣人教授協會發表聲明如下:

一. 我們堅持並肯定政黨輪替後台灣司法獨立, 不受行政單位干擾的事實. 基於本案迥異於一般司法案件, 而乃攸關國家元首及台灣民主前途. 我們呼籲台灣司法系統應設立特別法庭秉公審理.
二. 台灣司法單位應即刻就歷任總統, 副總統及地方首長的特支費使用, 以同一規格及標準檢視調查. 如涉不法, 應即起訴.
三. 我們呼籲台灣檢調單位即刻追查各政黨之不當黨產, 以符合勿縱勿枉的司法準則.
四. 我們期盼台灣立法機關儘速建立正常合理及透明之審計制度.


Does the rule of law in Taiwan presumes defendant guilty unless proven innocent? No, that would be too barbarian and unthinkable. Clearly, the judge has misbehaved. What do we do with his misconduct? The Justice department should take immediate actions, or else the Taiwanese communities must challenge this judge's behavior in the court and expose the ineptness of the judicial system.