Event Ideas Edit

Recently people have asked about organizing other social activities besides dining. Here are some possible ideas for future events. This is just a start. We can always add, change, or delete, as appropriate. Whatever appeals to most of the members is probably the right thing to do, because we want to give everyone a chance to attend our events, and make the members feel that our group is fulfilling some of their needs.

1) Our regular dining events, as we have been organizing in the past. We might want to focus on a Global Cuisine Dining Theme, as there are not enough Taiwanese restaurants that we can go to.

2) Mixer / Happy Hour / Networking events (this will usually take place at a lounge, brewery, karaoke bar, KTV, or night club).

3) Movies / Film / Theater / Shows (if there are good ones or blockbuster hits that we can find).

4) Live Music / Concerts (occasional events when there are good ones that we shouldn't pass up on).

5) Special Events / Cultural Festivities / Exploring Taiwanese cultural themes and/or lifestyles.

6) Museums / Exploring history, culture, or the arts.

7) Interesting tourist spots / Good sightseeing places / Exploring the backroads.

8) Skiing / Hiking / Camping / Nature & Parks (How about checking out Angel Island, Tiburon, or Treasure Island one of these days?)

9) Amusement Parks (Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo and/or Great America in Santa Clara in summer or fall 2006?).

10) Casinos & sightseeing (Las Vegas in summer or fall 2006?).

11) Parties / Picnics.

12) Mini Day-Trips.

13) Team building sporting activities such as Wall Climbing, indoor zip line, rope climb at City Beach[1].

Any others??? We're open to any and all suggestions!!

Please contact Event Organizer if you have any good ideas, would like to sponsor or co-host activities or future events, or would like to get more involved with our group's activities.